Data Excellence sets a precedent

Training and continuing education are a matter of course at dataspot. Of course, the topic of data literacy is particularly close to our hearts, and we have played a significant role in shaping and influencing it in recent years. The development of data literacy and the establishment of a data culture through data excellence is increasingly perceived by companies as an essential part of the organization and recognized as a success factor.

Our proven Academy formats - Data Excellence Bootcamp and Data Excellence Community - are based on the Data Excellence Framework (DX). The primary objective is to impart a holistic understanding of the targeted handling of data in companies - from strategy to concrete data uses and its technical implementation - and thus to be able to build a data excellence organization.

Our successful dataspot. Academy graduates can get certified as Certified Data Excellence Professionals (CDXP) by the independent certification provider Certible.

With us, everyone can become data excellent!

Data Excellence Bootcamp - compact & interactive

Building data literacy is essential for the successful implementation of data excellence in any organization.  

In our Data Excellence basic training, we prepare participants in 10 modules for active participation in a Data Excellence organization. The bootcamp offers comprehensive insights into the design levels of a data-driven company and shows how this knowledge can be applied in one's own company context.

Data Excellence Bootcamp – from Theory to Practice

Over 250 graduates have already successfully completed our bootcamps and have become valuable members of the Data Excellence organization in their companies.

Graduates of our bootcamps are ideally suited to take on a key role in the introduction of Data Excellence in the company. They can independently carry out the necessary definition work for implementing DX and understand the required organizational principles of the data governance guidelines. 

Thank you for the great bootcamp! You always respond to questions and implement feedback immediately. I can use what I learned, both theoretically and technically, in the DX bootcamp in everyday work and thus contribute even more to the success of the project. I also learned a lot from working with the tool. When you work with it in practice, you quickly notice how consistent and intuitive the dataspot. software is.

Daniela Graussam
SIGNA Group of Companies
Head of Corporate Application Management

The DX boot camp is taught with an incredible amount of verve, conviction and motivation. It is never dry, but consistently lively! Data governance was only a side issue for us, but the DX boot camp gave us good insights.

Christian Hornscheidt
City of Mönchengladbach / Staff Unit - Strategic Development
Data analysis administrator

The Data Excellence Bootcamp offered me an optimal cross-section of the world of data management. The basics were taught in easily digestible online units and the knowledge was deepened through practical exercises in the metadata management software dataspot.

Maria Mann
Austria Press Agency
Project and Product Management Digital Solutions

CDXP - Certified Data Excellence Professional

The CDXP qualification for your company!

We offer special CDXP certification preparatory courses for companies in order to prepare employees from data management and specialist departments for the certification exam as a group. The individual training contains all modules of the curriculum and optimally prepares the participants for the exam.

Who can become certified as a Certified Data Excellence Professional (CDXP)?

The certification is aimed at employees in the field of data management and all those who practice data governance. Experts from the various departments in organizations can also demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary foundations for excellent data handling throughout the entire lifecycle.

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