BARC's The Data Management Survey 24 places dataspot. in 24 top positions

dataspot. has again achieved impressive results in the annual BARC Data Management Survey with 23 #1 positions and one leading position. These excellent ratings in the most important KPIs help to further strengthen dataspot.'s position as the leading metadata management software in the market.

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We are not the biggest, but the best.

Metadata management still has to fight for its place in the organization. There are hardly any large budgets for it, not everyone sees the relevance for the core business, and rolling out data governance across the entire organization is often like fighting windmills. It is very important to us that this step in the organisation's development is successful, and this requires an affordable data cataloging tool, because Metadata is for everyone!

Best price-performance ratio

In order to start quickly with the implementation of a data cataloging tool and the associated data governance capabilities, it is important not to have high initial costs. dataspot. does not need to be implemented, only installed. The value proposition at this point is: start immediately, results from day one, no risk.

The business expert does not need any specific skills for data writing and modeling, the software can be operated without training, and no effort goes into specifying the solution, because we have already done that: The users are guided very closely and are immediately productive. Thanks to the open interface architecture, any integration use cases can also be implemented in a resource-friendly manner.

Powerful capabilities cover all use cases

Neither the size of the organization nor the industry is decisive when it comes to implementing the use cases. dataspot. is built in such a way that all aspects of business, technical or organizational metadata can be put into context. The decisive factor is that the entire business of a company can be mapped in it. This allows for different entry points and content focuses as well as small and large scopes. Everyone gets their problem solved and in the end it adds up to the big picture.

Own metadata standard is simply adapted

To achieve business standardization, large companies can define and roll out their own metadata standard across companies and corporate boundaries. Using simple YAML additions, the metadata schema can be supplemented and customized. In addition, clients, data models, workflows, the data governance organization and reports are available for extension and customization. These are updated instantaneously in all interfaces and can be made available as a data service in the organization.

9 out of 10 customers recommend dataspot.



of the surveyed users are satisfied with dataspot.

*Based on the sum of the statements "very satisfied" and "rather satisfied".



would recommend dataspot.

*Based on the sum of "Definite" and "Probable".



rate dataspot.'s support as excellent or good.

*Compared to 76% for the average data management tool.



rate the user-friendliness of dataspot. as good or excellent

*Compared to 71% for the average data management tool.

What users say about dataspot.

Download the results of dataspot. in BARC's The Data Management Survey 24 here.

  • Real user evaluation by dataspot customers
  • A total of 960 respondents provide feedback on 32 criteria
  • 8 vendors make it into the "Data Cataloging" peer group
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