DX-Outcome investigation

The introduction of data excellence in organizations requires investment and decision-makers rightly ask themselves about the return on investment. Unfortunately, however, there are very few reliable research results. This is where we come in: Our study, which we are conducting together with FH-Prof. Dr. Peter Grabner from FH Campus Wien, on the "Framework conditions and applications of data excellence", aims to close this gap and enable a well-founded discussion on the "DX outcome".

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"Basis for efficiency and new business"

Michaela Mader and Barbara Kainz in conversation with Martin Szelgrad, Editor-in-Chief of Report Verlag. An exciting interview about the importance of data, the change in data management and why more data literacy is needed.

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dataspot. is 7!

dataspot. celebrates its birthday - we are now 7! On March 10, 2016, Michaela Mader, Barbara Kainz and Alexander Kainz founded the company dataspot. Celebrating the advancing age, however, we ask ourselves: What does age actually mean professionally?

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"dataspot. goes JKU Business School"

Mag.a Michaela Mader, Managing Director of dataspot., gave a guest lecture at the LIT Sustainable Transformation Management Lab, in which she offered JKU Master students valuable insights into the topics of data governance and data excellence. What the students learned about data - can be found in the article here.

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"100% Data and 100% Commitment"

"Companies need to cherish their data treasure" - says Michaela Mader, founder and CEO of dataspot.

An exciting interview with Editor-in-Chief Barbara Sawka about the importance of data, the shift in data management, and what metadata and IoT have in common.

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"Networking goes female"

Solidarity and support are finally becoming female in business, too. Networking was a purely male discipline for a long time, but fortunately it has now also arrived among business ladies.

How soft skills can be successfully applied in a professional context is the subject of an interview with our founder Michaela Mader.

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How to make a data map?

The workshop "How to make a data map" at the TDWI trade fair 2022 in Munich was a great success. What a data map is, why every company needs one and how to get clear results within a short (workshop) time, we tell you here as a glean.

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