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We have incorporated years of know-how from our consulting practice and our data excellence approach into our metadata management software. As a web-based collaboration platform, it manages, structures, links, and presents business metadata and all associated data governance aspects in a clear and comprehensible way.

Metadata must also be equally understandable and available to everyone. After all, knowledge about data is needed not only by a few people in the company, but by everyone: departments, business partners, project members, management, and authorities.

Very customer-oriented, dynamic company with a lot of potential for the (common) future.

Employee Department
Financial Services

This is one of the tools that after a short time using it, you ask yourself: How could I have lived without it?

Data Engineer/Data Manager

Why is dataspot. different?

Technical data models in the form of a data catalog are included in dataspot. anyway. Thus all technical models can be captured from structured sources. 
In our opinion, it is not sufficient to crawl all technical metadata just because it already exists. dataspot. does not follow a purely technical, tool-oriented approach to enable the introduction of data governance. It is about a taking central view of the business, which must be technology-free.

The value of data is mainly determined by the business units. They control and develop the business and serve their customers. This is the reason why dataspot. is strongly committed to focusing on the business perspective, which is represented by a comprehensive business data model. This helps every organization to understand its business, which ends up documented in data.

Everyone has a right to metadata. Certain data is used across departments in the organization, and in corporate groups it even has to be shared across company boundaries. dataspot. offers collaboration options that make it possible to work together on the meaning of the data to create a harmonized view. The multi-tenant capability of the metadata management software is peerless for the roll-out of business standards.

The metadata structures in dataspot. are based on global standards, resulting in the best possible integration with other commonly used tools in the data environment. Thanks to the software's REST APIs, all metadata can consolidated in one SPOT - in dataspot. Users can independently perform import and export - in, for example, xls format.

The dataspot. Software has a clear understanding of the functions and the meaning of the different metadata models and their interaction with each other. The best practice procedure as well as a predefined international standard is embedded in the tool, making it possible to start immediately. Close guidance is provided for the creation of new metadata, making it possible to use the tool productively within days.

Users in the organization want to be able to use the tool to its full extent according to the requirements of their role. Data governance officers must be able to adapt it at any time - even without the IT department. dataspot. makes this possible with intuitive usability and a high level of user-friendliness. This is an additional aspect which makes dataspot. a software that the business departments like to work with.

dataspot. offers flexible licenses that are based on the size of the company and include an unlimited number of users and roles. Since all updates and support are included in the monthly subscription fee, this allows for the best possible cost transparency and excludes additional or unexpected expenses. With a quarterly cancellation option and the simple export of all metadata generated up to that point, there is no vendor lock-in.


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The current survey shows how satisfied our customers are with dataspot: BARC's The Data Management Survey 24

dataspot. - more than a Data Catalog

It's not for nothing that our metadata management software is #1! Thanks to the jdbcMetadataConnector, dataspot. enables a direct connection to all common source databases and thus also an automated synchronization of the extracted metadata with dataspot. In addition, the multi-tenant capability enables actual collaboration through the unique cross-tenant use of metadata.

Our latest release, 4.0 Astronaut, features two new tools that make our metadata management software even more user-friendly.

The parameterizable workflow is one of the central new main features that became available with Release 4.0. With the extension of the existing workflow, definitions of statuses and status transitions for all metadata assets can from now on be customized and assigned to individual models in dataspot. 

Thanks to ticketing, metadata concerns are placed where colleagues from the data excellence organization need them. Whether communicating change requests, conducting governance discussions or obtaining status approvals. From now on, tickets and comments can be entered directly at the asset in dataspot.

This is what our Data Excellence pioneers say about dataspot.

A tool that perfectly supports companies in the area of data management and builds a bridge between technology and subject expertise, while being structured in a user-friendly way that enables very quick progress.

Business Analyst

Finally, a tool where departments can document their data and everything around it (responsibility, lineage, data quality checks, reporting, interfaces) in one place. It's fun to work with! How many tools can make that claim?

Business Analyst
IT industry

Very good experience, especially in terms of support!

Business Analyst
Banking sector

I am really very enthusiastic about dataspot. Due to their user-friendliness, I can only warmly recommend dataspot. to any company! High praise to dataspot. & Co.

Business Analyst
IT industry

Very valuable tool for making the company's internal data model tangible from a business and technical point of view and for constantly validating and optimizing it.

CIO/IT/EDP Manager
IT industry

The dataspot. Data Excellence Metadata Framework©

In the development of our software, we have oriented ourselves with the business management approach and expanded it to include relevant customer requirements. The result is our Data Excellence Metadata Framework©! From here, it was a logical step to develop our own data governance software for metadata management.

With our software, we create transparency for current and future transformation requirements and the efficient management of your own business. We put your data in the SPOT - the single point of truth. Here, the focus is on semantics, quality, data responsibilities and central reference data. By bundling data in a central location and making it available to everyone, we prevent data graveyards and provide a better overview at all levels. This also allows the data to be used for what it is: A valuable treasure.

The link between processes, data and data protection is created here. The useage of data is described, as are descriptions relevant to data protection. These include the legal basis, the purpose of use, and planned deletion periods. Sensitive data, personal and identifying data is automatically displayed and can be generated as a report at the push of a button.  
Not only data, but also time is money. In the data usage catalog, evaluations such as reports and key measures are recorded, as are data supplies such as files and cubes. In this way, users can check at any time whether required evaluations already exist, or whether parts of existing evalutations can be reused. What is needed is simply added to the shopping cart. This saves time and provides a better overview.
We love data, but we especially love reference data. Reference data is managed and maintained in the reference data model and contains lists of values that determine evaluation options. Code transitions between different reference objects make it possibile to translate reference values from different views and systems into a harmonized view, but also to define hierarchies.
The business function model forms the bridge to process management. Metadata of the respective business processes is imported by means of an interface to process management tools, and those business objects and attributes that are created, transformed or used in these business functions are assigned to them.
Quality indicators developed on the basis of harmonized data definitions are recorded here. In this way, both the expected quality and the measured quality can be recorded and easily compared. The use of thresholds and colour scales to display individual measurements provides an intuitive overview. In addition, the evolution of data quality is displayed in a diagram.
In order to make data equally understandable for everyone, business and technical data descriptions are mapped down to the smallest detail. The business data model covers all business areas of the company and their links. The business data model represents the business of a company as realistically as possible, in the language of the respective department, but still easily readable for all.
The importance of key measures is undisputed. They are used for corporate management purposes, and are derived from the company's operating activities. To ensure that these key measures know where they get their information for calculation, key measure trees are created. These trees contain not only the calculation method itself, but also the composition of the key measures across all levels.
We are not frugal in handing out titles. On the contrary, new roles that reflect the compentencies, decision-making powers and responsibilities around data are needed in order to create the desired paradigm shift in the company. The most common profiles of a data governance organization are data stewards, data owners or subject matter experts.
Projects not only use data, but also generate it themselves. A project directory is created to ensure that it is clear where and how this data was created and used even after the project has been completed. New requirements are created directly in dataspot. and passed on for implementation.
Technical data descriptions can be defined - or imported-  in the data model to manage the mirror image of the databases. The mapping of this information to systems completes the technical view of the data. The mapping from the business data model shows the semantic meaning, thus creating the perfect combination of the technical and business views of the data.
Data must be accessible and understandable for everyone. This also includes the origin and uses of the data. Transformations in dataspot. map both the business and technical data lineages. And since we love clarity as much as data, a click of a button is all it takes to get impact analyses. These map which data elements flow into others or are used in data quality, systems, processing, projects, etc.
The systems in which data is stored and processed are managed in the system catalog. This is done from both a business and technical perspective. This is also where our "golden source" comes into its own. Metadata for systems and applications is managed in the system catalog and assigned to application owners in their own definable roles. - dataspot. vault generator

Data Governance meets Data Warehouse

What if data catalog, data governance and data warehouse automation were all taken care of in one go?

Whether it concerns data provision for data lakes and analytical platforms, the provision of harmonized and integrated source data in the data warehouse or the implementation of data mesh implemented across various data domains: target data structures can be modeled in dataspot. and linked to the imported source data structures with minimal effort. The creates the target model, generates the import jobs and takes care of the loading fully automatically - all at the push of a button with data lineage out-of-the-box, technical historization and GPDR encryption.

The magic triple can now be achieved easily and effortlessly. datapot. makes this possible in cooperation with crossnative with the dataspot. vault generator.

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